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Dust Sealing Cloth

dust sealing components for vibrating screensUsed for the containment of dust particles on vibrating screens and conveyor transfer points. Our dust cloth is manufactured for U.V. and heat resistance, has higher tear strength and durability. The cloth is clamped in place using a rubber extrusion called grip strip.

Dust sealing cloth is available 2mm thick, 1400mm wide and 20 meters long. The dust cloth can be cut to other widths in our factory, eg. 400mm wide.


dust sealing components for vibrating screensEncaplock is our patented modular dust sealing system which ensures the dust stays where it is supposed to be and not floating in the atmosphere. The system utilises sturdy locking rails which are bolted to the screen body as opposed to welding. This ensures no stress points on the sideplates that can facilitate cracking in certain circumstances.

The dust cloth is then locked in to position using a flexible locking strip to secure it, even with the rigours of operation and shut down the dust cloth will not be dislodged ensuring a dust tight seal at all times. The locking strip can easily be removed by using a screw driver to lift first piece and then it peels out with out further aid from tools. This makes it very maintenance friendly as skilled labour is not required for fitment or removal.

Part Number MDC140

Standard dust cloth, 2mm thick, 1400mm wide, 20m long.

Grip Strip

Grip strip is a rubber extrusion used for the retention of the dust sealing cloth. The grip strip clamps the dust cloth over a 10mm round bar on the vibrating screen.

Supplied in 10 metre lenghts, shorter lengths can be supplied, eg. 1350mm long. For the retention of the dust cloth on the corners of the screen, corner pieces are available.

grip strip

Part Number MGS010

Grip Strip 10 metres long

grip strip

Part Number MGS002

Grip Strip corner outside groove

grip strip

Part Number MGS001

Grip Strip corner inside groove

grip strip

Part Number MGS003

Grip Strip corner underside groove

Typical Arrangement

A typical arrangement for encapsulating dust using Minspec dust cloth and grip strip.



Top section of a screen 4mm plate






Minspec standard dust cloth
(Part No MDC140)






Grip strip used to clamp the dust cloth over a 10mm steel bar
(Part No MGS010)


Lower stationary part of screen

typical grip strip arrangement

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