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scraper e255E255 Premium Belt Scraper


  • Universal choice for all normal cleaning applications. Specially suited for larger high speed belts.
  • Not suitable for mounting directly onto the head pulley.
  • Use in conjunction with torsion arm mountings to accommodate differing belt thicknesses on the same conveyor and excessive belt movement due to pulley eccentricity, thereby ensuring constant pressure with the belt.
  • Selection of correct blade material gives optimum blade life under all operating conditions and conveyed materials.



  • Patented V-base torsion holder makes blade changing simple.
  • Fully sealed construction of torsion holder prevents material build up or ingress into the spring unit.
  • Twin arm design of the torsion holder prevents radial and lateral blade oscillations and only allows longitudinal blade movement thus ensuring uniform and constant blade contact with the belt, irrespective of variations in belt thicknesses and surface conditions.
  • Pre-Tensioned blades reduces required pressure against the belt for less wear.
  • Light weight polymeric material used for torsion holder ensures ease of handling, corrosion protection and minimum impact on belt surface after deflection.
  • Patented blade torsion holder and blade design incorporating a deflector skirt ensures accurate assembly and a clean running scraper.
  • Robust construction for longer life.

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