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BRELKO Belt Support Systems

Brelko Feedboots are designed to be used at load points to support the conveyor belt, preventing belt sag between idler rolls and thereby ensuring maximum skirt sealing and spillage control. UHMW Polyethylene material is used to line the load surfaces and therefore dramatically reducing friction and wear.

Universal Feedboot
universal feedboot This model features adjustable wing plates to allow the belt troughing angle to be accurately accommodated thereby assisting in maintaining correct belt tracking and complete skirt sealing.

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Combination Feedboot
combination feedboot In this model the load surfaces are mounted on rubber spring units allowing deflection under load conditions while still maintaining a form seal line for the skirt system. It is used where variable load conditions with relatively small particles are encountered.

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Hi-Impact Idler (BTA)
hi-impact idler system This system has been developed to be used in conjunction with garland idlers to absorb large impact loads due to the transfer of very large lumps of material. Mechanical damage to conveyor idlers, cradles and supporting structure are thus greatly reduced or eliminated.

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