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BRELKO Blockage Removal and Bulk Flow Maintenance Systems

air cannon

Brelko Air Cannons use the patented Brelko diaphragm discharge system. The only moving part is a flexible rubber diaphragm which ensures totally trouble free operation even in extremely dirty and hostile environments. Used in conjunction with the Brelko Air Lance discharge nozzle, the build up of fine materials in chutes, hoppers etc. can be prevented this avoiding blockages and flow stoppages.


  • Used to remove and to prevent blockages and build up of bulk material in silos, bins,
    hoppers, chutes etc.
  • Resolve bulk flow problems where other methods are expensive, use more energy, damage
    the storage vessel, are excessively noisy and unreliable.



  • Unique diaphragm main valve results in extremely rapid operation and therefore more
    effective size for size.
  • Only one moving part.
  • Easy maintenance, no need to remove air cannon.
  • Safe to operate and maintain.

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