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Minspec have a range of vibratory pan feeders driven by out of balance motors suitable for most duties.

Minspec PF feeders

minspec feeders

The feeders are fabricated from fully killed grade 250 plate and are designed to withstand the effects of impact, vibrating and static loads.

After fabrication the components are stress relieved, machined where applicable, then blasted and prime coated with inorganic zinc primer.

The feeders are of a fully welded construction to provide a distortion and twist free structure.

Drive beam

The twin out of balance motors are mounted on a replaceable drive beam, complete with large end flanges for even dissipation of forces through the side plates. After fabrication and weld testing the beams are stress relieved, end plates and exciter pads are machined and precision drilled to facilitate fitment between side plates and accommodate the exciters.


The feeder are lined with bolt in replicable liners on the base and sides.


The PF feeders are excited by twin contra rotating out of balance motors.
The use of integrally mounted motors dispenses with v belt drives and makes installation easier. Anticipated noise levels from these motors is expected to be 80 dba.


Isolation is by either steel coil or rubber springs and will be designed to give the desired isolation.

vibratory pan feeder

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